An Dun & A’ Chaoirnich

Along the Gaick pass to camp near Loch Bhrodainn taking in An Dun going out and A’ Chaoirnich on the return.

Loch An Duin

5th & 6th September 2015 An Dun & A’ Chaoirnich

Scottish Hills An Dun & A’ Chaoirnich

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2 Responses to An Dun & A’ Chaoirnich

  1. Some lovely late afternoon and early morning light in those photos Paul. The camping spot looked a very pleasant alternative to a high camp and that is a nice round that looks quite tempting for early winter. I’ve done the first part of the walk up the Edendon water but the Gaick pass and its retinue of hills is still on my to-do list!

    • Paul says:

      Thanks Nick.
      Both hills would prove to be good camp spots but I suppose camping where I did split the round quite nicely.
      Certainly is a nice area that would provide good opportunities for a winter visit, good if long access route along the estate track.

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