Glas Maol & Creag Leacach (Cairngorms)

An atmospheric walk above Glenshee, through the mist and drizzle before enjoying a late burst of sunshine.

Leacann Dubh and Glas Maol

13th November 2011 Glas Maol & Creag Leacach (Cairngorms)

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4 Responses to Glas Maol & Creag Leacach (Cairngorms)

  1. Andy Jones says:

    Hi Paul. Reading your blog for the first time. Enjoyed the report and those photos of the clouds streaming over the mountains are superb.

  2. Paul says:

    Thanks Andy, there were times during the walk when we asked ourselves why did we bother today? and then we got our answer!

  3. Ken Brown says:

    That cloud streaming photo is a cracker Paul. Oddly I’ve only had that sort of view once (and not as intense) on Ben Vrackie in the winter of 2006/7.

  4. Paul says:

    Hi Ken, nice to here from you. The mist rolling off the hill was certainly a bit special. You just never know how a day is going to turn out 😉

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