Beinn Leoid and the Stack of Glencoul (Sutherland)

A trek through the wilds of Sutherland to reach the remote peak of Beinn Leoid (Sloping hill) followed on by a visit to the iconic Stack of Glencoul and tour of some of the areas numerous waterfalls.

Beinn Leoid & The Stack of Glencoul

22nd & 23rd September 2012 Beinn Leoid and the Stack of Glencoul (Sutherland)

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5 Responses to Beinn Leoid and the Stack of Glencoul (Sutherland)

  1. An great report there of an excellent route. The two bothies are crackers, somewhere to return to in future. You pretty much did the same backpack that I did with Peter Edwards in November last year.

  2. Paul says:

    I’m a big fan of Sutherland, a bit like yourself James!
    This was an area I’d planned exploring for quite some time and glad I did as it didn’t dissapoint.
    Did you do a trip report for your outing? Maybe you could point me to it if you did as I don’t recall reading it; I remember plenty of your other posts about that time!

  3. James says:

    Lovely photos…I think Stack of Glencoul is one of the great small hills in Scotland. I climbed it as part of a week long trek from Ullapool to C. Wrath. Intended to climb Beinn Leoid too but opted to leave it for another day…

  4. Paul says:

    Thanks James, it is a great outing and just getting to and from the hill is a mini-adventure in itself.

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